Ensure your keys and equipment are secure whilst quickly accessible, without time consuming administration.

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Keytracker products help organisations efficiently manage and track important keys and equipment.

The range of solutions available means that Keytracker systems are relied upon by businesses and organisations
from every sector, from airports to estate agents, to education establishments and many more.


Mechanical Systems

The mechanical system is a simple peg-in peg-out system that enables users to manage keys; preapproved users are given ‘access pegs’ which mean that when a set of keys is in use, you will be able to instantly identify who took them from the system.

The mechanical system provides efficiencies within businesses by eliminating time wasted locating keys and using the secure cabinet, enhances security of these keys, reducing the risk of opportunist theft.

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Keytracker Mechanical Cabinet

Keytracker Key Accessories


A wide range of accessories are available to be used with both Mechanical and Electronic systems, accessories are available in a range of colours and can be personalised to your business or users.

From pegs, seals and tags for your Mechanical Peg Board, to Swipe Cards for your E-system, the accessory range will ensure that you are always in complete control of your business keys.

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Electronic Systems

The e-system range ensures important keys are quickly accessible to the correct people at any time.

The electronic cabinets automatically record any key movement in and out of the system through powerful software, providing automated reports and alerts that monitor, control and track every movement.

Systems come as standard with PIN access control, however additional options such as biometric readers and swipe cards are also available.

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Keytracker Electronic Cabinet

Keytracker Key Control Software

Key Control Software

Cloud based Key Control Software makes managing keys from any location fast and simple.

With authorised users having visibility of multiple keys across multiple sites and easy reporting and audit processes, KCS is popular among multi-site organisations.

KCS is also available for use in conjunction with mechanical systems for extra control and security of keys.

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KT Locker

Used for the automated management, storage and charging of important equipment, the lockers systems enhance security and improve workplace efficiency whilst also reducing theft, damage and loss.

Used 24/7 KT lockers systems are relied upon by a wide range of organisations, from schools and manufacturing facilities, to armories and public spaces.

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Keytracker KT Locker
Keytracker Drop Box

Out of Hours

Out of Hours solutions provide secure drop off and collection points for vehicle keys, the systems mean that 24/7 keys can be safely collected and returned.

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Magnetic Board

Keytracker's Numbered Magnetic Block Systems are a simple and cost effective solution to identifying your vehicles. The block systems are ideally suited to car dealerships, body shops and accident repair sites.

The brightly coloured blocks are fitted with magnets to ensure damage free adhesion to the roof of a vehicle, making identifying the vehicle much easier in a crowded yard or storage area.

You are also able to purchase elements of the Magnetic block system should you want to use this solution in conjunction with the Mechanical Pegboard or other Keytracker solutions.

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Keytracker Magnetic Board

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